Saturday, October 27, 2012

Around Here /// October 2012

Around here today:

Cooking cornbread muffins to take to our church Trunk or Treat Halloween party tonight.

Enjoying cool weather in the mornings and evenings. It was even cool enough to wear boots out last night.

Happy that Ward and I tried out a new restaurant with friends last night. After dinner we enjoyed a couple great rounds of Euchre back at our house.

Watching our kids play soccer this morning was so fun. I love watching the kids happy and doing something they love.

Loving my new fall banner made by my friend Jennie that I bought at a boutique today. The coolest part is that it is reversible and says "give thanks" on the other side. I'll flip it around after Halloween.

Listening to my girls play together. Music to my ears. Audrey is such a kind big sister and is willing to sometimes play Barbies with Hannah. This makes Hannah so happy.

Relieved that we enjoyed two birthday parties, a trip to New York and our daughter's baptism this month. All wonderful events and I'm happy to have the good memories of the events and no worries about planning them anymore.

Relaxing at home with our family this afternoon. It's become a rare treat to get to enjoy an entire afternoon without commitments or places to be.

Thinking we should start putting costumes together to wear to the Halloween party tonight. This is the first year I haven't done anything ahead of time to get costumes ready. Hoping our costume box will have enough supplies.

Trying to work more exercise into my daily routine. Last week I ran three nights during soccer practices and walked around our neighborhood another night with a friend. I like using Runkeeper to track how far/fast I'm running and listen to Pandora to keep me somewhat entertained.


  1. You have busy!!! LOVING the decor!! Loving that banner Jennie made!! Can't wait to see the other side!!!

  2. sounds like things have been moving right a long for you--WAY to exercise during practice!

  3. Love the display and I used to love playing Euchre. We've been so busy with UNO, I haven't taught Nate yet how to play. (Or found a 4th to play with — LOL!)



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