Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week Eight

Another week of project life is now complete. Still loving it and still plugging along with taking photos and collecting things to include each week.

This week was filled with school projects (big book report projects, reading for AR goals and memorizing poems) plus fun with neighbors, family and friends.

My husband and I had a date night with friends where we tried and new restaurant and went to the symphony.  I grabbed a takeout menu on our way out of the restaurant to cut up and use in the album.

I've approached this without having any rules of how to organize things each week. I just print out my favorite photos and place wherever they fit. I do count out how many of each size of photo I will need. 

The past couple of weeks I've watched both Season One and Season Two of Downton Abby and have loved it. I had 4 different people recommend this to me and decided that I should give it a try.

The first season is available on Netflix instant streaming and the second season is available to watch on until March 6th. 

The story, costumes and character development are fantastic. Highly recommend this show!

Project Life Layout Supplies Used This Week



  1. I have heard that Downtown Abbey is AMAZING!!! I need to watch it! And loving your pages this week!! LOVING the camera tag!

  2. Loving that you are including SO much of your life in PL, looks AWESOME! Going to start watching that this week! I have the DVD coming to me for the second season...

  3. Great page! I will definitely check out that show on Netflix--I love Elizabeth McGovern. We have been streaming something entirely different--The Walking Dead. Actually very suspenseful and entertaining for a show about zombies ;)



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