Friday, December 19, 2014

A Little MIA Thanks to Crafsty

Side note: My first Craftsy class, Creative Titles and Journaling, just launched this week. Use this link and take $15 off of the class.

Oh my goodness. I can't believe how neglectful I've been of this blog of mine. I love blogging and have really missed it, but with all of the demands on my time lately, something had to give and unfortunately one of those things was this blog. What have I been up to? One of my main time focuses has been prepping another class for Craftsy.

What is Craftsy? It's a super cool online crafting education site that creates video lessons on all sorts of topics ranging from cake decorating to quilting to gardening and woodworking. Of course, they have a paper crafting section too. I feel so blessed that they've asked me to teach about recording and telling our stories through scrapbooking.

The week after I returned home in October from filming my first two Craftsy classes, they called and asked if I'd be interested in coming back and teaching December 17 -19. Talk about a crazy time to leave, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. So I just wrapped up three really fantastic days in Denver filming another class.

We starting setting up the studio mid morning on Wednesday and then after lunch we started shooting the class. Side note: Craftsy truly spoils their instructors with a buffet breakfast at the hotel each morning and catered lunches at the studio each day. Oh, and they have a lot of chocolate around just in case a little treat is needed at any time throughout the day.

Before starting the first lesson of the class, I had to snap a selfie on the set.  We had a super productive afternoon and filmed 3 lessons when were were only slated to do two. Head start for the next day!

After an afternoon of shooting lessons, I meet up with three other instuctors who were also in studios filming classes this week and we took a short walk to Larimer Square and ate at a fantastic Mexican Restaurant.  It was great to get to chat with other instructors and make new friends.

Before heading out to dinner I had to bundle up and of course, I had to take a picture documenting that I had bundled up for the cold weather since it's not something that I usually get to do at home.

After fueling up at the hotel breakfast buffet with the other Craftsy instructors, we were picked up by our make up and hair stylist and we were off the the studios.

We filmed three more lessons yesterday and then wrapped early and decided to save the last lesson for this morning. We had to have some work left for today!

With my free afternoon, I spent a couple of hours at the Denver Art Museum. They have a fantastic special exhibit right now with Cartier Jewelry and that was definitely a highlight of my museum visit. The jewels were amazing, but I couldn't imagine ever really wearing most of them. I loved viewing jewelry as art!

I was dropped off at the museum right from Craftsy, so I didn't have a chance to change into my warm boots before trekking around downtown. You think these flats were warm enough? Ha! I found one small patch of snow, but luckily there wasn't snow anywhere else.

Last night I meet up with another Craftsy instructor for dinner and then headed off on a little walk (in my warm boots!) to a movie theater to see Hunger Games. A museum and a movie in one day. What a treat! Downtown at lit up beautifully.

Today it was back to the studio to finish up the last lesson for the class and we also took a bunch of photos of layouts and cleaned everything up. Just to be sure we were eating enough, they had homemade pop tarts for us for breakfast.

My team of producers, cameraman and tech guy were all so encouraging and kind. They love what they do and it really shows.

This was such a fantastic experience! It is so cool that I get to combine my love for teaching with my passion for scrapbooking. Can't wait to have my class launch in a couple of month!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Craftsy Class Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I flew to Denver to work with Craftsy videoing an online crafting education class. The class is all about creative titles and journaling techniques that can make story telling on your layouts more meaningful.

It was a seriously exciting week and I'm excited that the class will be ready to roll later this month.

To celebrate the upcoming class launch, I'm giving away a class to one lucky winner. Just go here to enter.

I spent weeks prepping for the class creating may new layouts that featured techniques and ideas that I was excited to share and teach in the class. Once I was there, it was so much fun having hair and makeup done, getting to have my own dressing room (there was even a star on the door!) The best part was finally getting to share my ideas and layouts on screen.

Of course, I'll share here once the class goes live, but for now please be sure to enter the giveaway for free enrollment in the class. 


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