Thursday, October 31, 2013

Raven Blog Hop >>> Glitz Designs

Happy Halloween! If you celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a fun filled day!

Today we are doing a Glitz blog hop filled with inspiration and creations using the Glitz Raven collection.

I dusted off my circle punches and had some fun creating the background for this page. I'm wondering why it's been so long since I've used those punches! I filled in a few of the circles with stickers and those fabulous Glitz Giant Rhinestones. Those are seriously so cool!

Want to join in the blog hop? Just leave one comment per design team member as you check out the projects today. One random commenter on the blog hop will win a Raven prize pack from Glitz!

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Laura O'Donnell -
Lea Lawson -
Leica Forrest -
You are Here >>> Lisa Andrews -
Magda Mizera -
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Mary Martinez -
Mou Saha -
Nina Ostermann -
Noel Culbertson -
Smitha Katti -
Stephanie Bryan -
Glitz Design blog - 

Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Raven" Patterned Paper - Chevron
Glitz Designs "Raven" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Raven" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Raven" Alpha and Word Stickers
Glitz Designs "Raven" Bits and Pieces
Glitz Designs "Raven" Titles and Accents Stickers

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Merry Halloween

First up is a Halloween card I put together. I wouldn't normally give out a Halloween card, but my sister is serving a mission for our church and I was thinking I'd send her a little Halloween care package and would include the card with that. The big raven die cut was so much fun to use on this card!

Merry Halloween Card
Glitz Designs "Raven" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Raven" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Raven" Whatnots
Prima Orange Rose Trim
Prima Camera Wood Icons

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Halloween!

Are you like me a take a bunch of photos on holidays, but then don't do anything with them until a year later when the holiday rolls around again?  After the holiday, I'm ready to move on and don't seem to scrapbook those photos right away. Plus, if I wait a year, then I'll have brand new holiday products to use!

Today on the Glitz blog we are wrapping up our cross promotion with Prima and I have another project to share. I may be biased, but I think Glitz really outdid themselves with their Halloween line this year. I just love the patterned and the classic colors.

One of the items in the Prima pack of goodies was a 12 X 12 diamond background stencil. I used some black mist and the stencil to give the background a little extra texture. I had a lot of fun layering up paper, trim, stickers, tags and that cute owl rhinestone on this page.

Last year was a really fun Halloween. Now we just need to figure out what the kids are going to dress up as this year!

Happy Halloween Layout
Glitz Designs "Raven" Patterned Paper - Triangles, Grey, Lines, Countdown
Glitz Designs "Raven" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Raven" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Raven" Alphabets & Words Stickers
Glitz Designs "Raven" Whatnots
Prima 12 X 12 Diamonds Stencil
Prima Black Sequin Trim
Prima Everyday Vintage Journal Cards

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Love Halloween

I hope you don't get tired of Halloween posts around here this month!

I've been busy creating a bunch of stuff with the Glitz Raven collection. The patterns and classic Halloween colors are so easy to work with.

This picture was taken last year before the boys headed out for some serious trick or treating. I think this was the first year we let them run around the neighborhood with friends without any parents. The neighborhood streets are block off from cars and they had a set area they could go in plus they were with older kids, so now worries that they weren't safe! I'm pretty sure they had a fabulous time.

I really liked how this background photo looked with the photos, but I want to add some splashed of color. I cut some paper strips the same width as some of the striped sections of the background paper and filled them in with some pops of color. I really like how the bright colors look again the black and white background.

Be sure to stop by the Glitz Blog this week of  a lot of fun Halloween inspiration!

Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Raven" Patterned Paper - Grey, Triangles
Glitz Designs "Raven" Collection Pack Cover Sheet
Glitz Designs "Raven" Alpha and Word Stickers
Glitz Designs "Raven" Title and Accent Stickers
Glitz Designs "Raven" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Raven" Countdown

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Halloween Time!

Around here, we love Halloween. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some nice weather outside with our neighbors and friends. Here in Arizona it's a time when we can maybe put on a long sleeve shirt in the even and not be too hot. That is certainly something to celebrate.

This month some of the Glitz Design Team got to do a cross promotion with Prima and I had the opportunity to make a few extra Halloween projects. Today I'd like to share one of the projects with you.

I just can resist making banners for holidays. This banner is double sided and I created one side of the banner a couple of years ago. In our old house, it hung against a wall and it didn't need anything on the other side.

Now that we are in a new house, I wanted to hang the banner in our window by our front door which meant that the banner would be seen from both sides. So, for this project, I designed the other side of the banner. (I had to photograph the banner on our door and not the window where it will be hanging because of the glare.)

The Glitz Whatnots (die cuts) and Prima trims made putting this together really fun. I just love the "more candy please" card. I was torn between putting it on the banner or saving it for a Project Life spread, but I went with using it on the banner so I could have it out and enjoy looking at it all month.

Be sure to stop by the Glitz blog for a lot more Halloween inspiration PLUS they are giving away a cool prize pack!

Glitz Designs "Raven" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Raven" Whatnots
Glitz Designs "Raven" Bits and Pieces
Glitz Designs "Raven" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Raven" Alphabets & Words Stickers
Glitz Designs "Raven" Bits and Pieces
Prima Orange Rose Trim
Prima Black Sequin Trim
Prima Everyday Vintage Journal Cards
Prima Say it in Crystals Fall

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pinks, Greens and Neutrals!

This week our Glitz assignment was to create a layout with a pink, green and neutral color palette. Fun, right?

This was a great challenge that pushed me to search out and find a bunch of pink and green elements that I could use on my page. The alpha stickers, arrow stickers and whatnot card were perfect for adding touches of pink and green on this page.

The background paper had large sections of pink + green, so it was a perfect starting point for the page. Since the Glitz Wild + Free line has some many lovely black and white papers, it was easy to mix in a bunch of neutral colors onto the page.

I loved using this photos of Ward and I with our friends Kent and Janet. It seems like most of my pages end up being about the kids, so it was nice to mix things up and show that the adults like to have fun too!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Scrapbook Circle Shop >>> Discount Code

I'm really excited about the new look for our Scrapbook Circle shop. It's so much lighter and happier. The white space is so much better than the black. It just makes me happy!

There have been a lot of backend changes too which is fantastic, but probably not things that others would notice. We now have a system that emails any purchased digital product to the customer so that I don't have to do it manually anymore. Plus the site is faster and more stable which is a very good thing.

If you get a chance, I hope you'll stop by and check out our new shop. Want to save 20% of your order placed now through this weekend >>> just use code scrapbook20 at checkout.

Around Here /// October 2013

It's been quite a while since I've done an "around here" post and thought today would be a great day to do it. Here's a little peek at what is going on around here this morning.

Keeping up with the Wellness Challenge.  I've settled into a great routine and definitely have some healthier habits than I had before the challenge. Three and a half weeks left. The last 3 weeks will be the REAL challenge because in addition to everything on the list, we are going gluten, grain and dairy free. Wish me luck!

Eating my veggies. Thanks to the Wellness Challenge, I'm making a more conscientious effort to eat more veggies. This is now my snack instead of peanut butter pretzels.

Planning our meals. This seems to ebb and flow around her, but this week I'm organized and ready to feed our family.

Reviewing the final touches for the November Scrapbook Circle kit. I love sketching out ideas and working with our designer to turn ideas into printed projects.

Sketching future ideas for Scrapbook Circle products. Lots of ideas brewing right now.

Being thankful. (Stamp coming in the Nov. SC Kit!)

Creating a lot of Halloween projects. Can't wait to share more.

Getting cozy under blankets now that we have cool morning and evening weather.

Exercising daily. Again, this is thanks to the wellness challenge. I'm on week 8 of daily exercise for at least 30 minutes. Most days it's a 3 mile run at 6 a.m. Other days it's yoga or a relaxing walk around the neighborhood on Sundays.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into what is going on around here this morning.

Friday, October 11, 2013

October Stitch Fix

Okay, I'm still loving getting a Stitch Fix box every month. I think I have something for subscriptions!

What to take a look at what came in my box?

Corrina Striped Dolman Top

When I first saw this top/sweater, I thought it was okay, but not amazing. It's my personal rule that I need to try everything on in the box, so I gave it a try. It was actually better than expected and I really liked the large cuffs on the sleeves. But I didn't like it enough to keep it, so it was a no.

Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant

These were really dark brown pants that were super soft. I loved the feel of the material, but they just seemed to blah! Is that really a word? Either way, I think you know what I mean. These are going back.

Harlow Plaid Button-Up Cotton Shirt

I started having flashbacks to my college days and all of my Eddie Bauer flannel shirts when I saw this. Tell me I'm not the only one who had a collection of oversized flannel shirts in a variety of colors. Anyway, I tried this on and loved how it fit plus it was a great color combo. I haven't even worn it yet and Audrey has borrowed it, so I guess it has the teenager stamp of approval. Keeping it.

Ivy Tulip Print Tabbed Sleeved Blouse

Okay, this is a great shirt, but I've now acquired a few great blouses from Stitch Fix and I'm thinking I'm good for now. They all have a similar baggy fit with tabbed sleeves. Not that I don't like it, but I just didn't need another blouse. Sending it back.

Catina Belted 3/4 Sleeve Silk Dress

Saved the best for last. Love this rich green color and how the dress fit. I paired it with some colored tights and boots and think it's a fun look. I think I might try it with a different belt rather than the fabric tie, but I'm liking it. Ward photobombed all of the pictures with the dress, so he gets to make a guest appearance on the blog today!  Keeping the dress.

I love that I don't have to do any shopping and have a mix of new clothes arrive on my doorstep. Such a cool business idea. Have you tried out Stitch Fix?

*Stitch Fix links are referral links and I receive a credit on my account if you use my link to sign up. I'm not sharing to get referrals. I really do just love this service and want to share something I enjoy.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Project Life >>> August 11 - 18

Hello, hello! Just wanted to stop in a share another Project Life spread. Still loving this project!

This was our first full week with the kids back in school and apparently I didn't take many pictures. But I was able to find enough to stretch across the page and tell our story from the week.

Love her Selfies /// Choir Camp Overnight Retreat /// Airport Meet up with my Sisters + Mom

Enjoying the Best Sticky Bun Ever at Liberty Market /// Merit Badge Shopping /// BFFs /// Running

Another week is in the books. Love that.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pike's Place Market

A couple of weeks ago Ward and I spent a long weekend exploring Seattle. One of my favorite places was Pike's Place Market. I loved looking at all of the beautiful produce and flowers. And the fish. And the food. And the people!

 I took a bunch of photos and decided to gather a few of my favorites for a layout inspired by our Glitz challenge to use triangles on a layout.

While we were on our flight to Seattle, I sketched out a bunch of triangle layout ideas knowing that once I returned home I'd be doing this challenge. Here's a look at my sketches.

I ended up going with my first idea, but will maybe give some of the other sketches a try sometime.

My Silhouette was put to good use on this page. I drew a triangle in the Silhouette program and then copied and pasted it to create this triangle background.

It was really fun adding bits and pieces to each of the little triangle sections. I'm thinking that the triangle pattern was so great to work with that I want to try another similar layout soon where I play around with a different shape.

Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Patterned Paper: Floral
Glitz Designs "Finnley" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Alpha and Words Stickers
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Titles and Accents Stickers
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Triangle Washi Tape
Glitz Designs Triangle Roller Doodle
Glitz Designs Plus Roller Doodle
Glitz Designs "Hello December" Plus Washi Tape
Glitz Designs "Wild & Free" Heart Washi Tape

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week in the Life Photo Book

Last month I joined Ali Edwards in her Week in the Life challenge in documenting our family life by taking a lot of photos and journaling about things along the way. I posted many of the photos to my Instagram account, but didn't post everything because I didn't want to be annoying!

Since I had a great collection of photos from the week, I decided to get them all printed in a little hardbound book.  I'd heard good things about Persnickety Prints and decided to give them a try and ordered one of their Insta mini books.

The ordering process was really easy and I'm very happy with the results!

Initially, I'd thought that I'd add in journaling and embellishments after receiving the printed book, but I decided that I like it just the way it is with only photos. So there you have it. Our Week in the Life photos are organized and printed. Love that it was such a simple project.


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