Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dressing Up a Treat Bag

I enjoy baking yummy treats to share with friends. It's even more fun to do some creative packaging for the treats!

Here's a look at a quick way to dress up a baggie of cookies.
1. I started by filling a 6" X 12" baggie with about 8 cookies. The cookies were stacked into one pile that was just under 6" tall. I trimmed off the top of the baggie so that the ziploc part was no longer attached.

2. I trimmed two pieces of patterned paper (double sided is best) to 12" X 4.5." If you are recreating this project, just measure the cookie stack and adjust your measurements accordingly.
3. Next, I scored and folded the paper 3 inches from the end. The two ends met at the center of the paper.4. Then, I created the front of the treat bag cover. I just used scraps of paper from my desk . I trimmed them to 4.5" wide and tore the bottom edge. The papers are then layered and attached with adhesive. (I used a UHU glue stick.)
5. I then cut/punched the circles for the center decor. I didn't have a punch big enough for the biggest circle, so I just traced this tin. The smaller two circles were created using circle punches.
6. Next, I attached the circles. I added a chipboard piece to the center. I think it would also look great with a button or brad in the center.
7. Glued the ends of the project together. The 3" flaps on the ends overlap perfectly and can be glued together.8. Poke a hole in the top of the project where the baggie can stick out. I just used scissors and twisted them around until the hole was big enough for the top of the baggie to fit through.
9. Pulled the top of the baggie through the hole and tied a ribbon around it.
This idea is similar to this one. This is just a lot bigger and has both a flat top and bottom.

The paper and chipboard can from the Scrapbook Circle December kit.

Are you doing any fun holiday baking? I'd love links to your favorite holiday recipes! With your new recipes I can fill up more treat bags for friends.

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