Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Crafty Birthday Party

Last Friday night we had my daughter's 11th birthday party at our house. It was a busy and fun night and I think all of the guests had a fun time.

Audrey wanted cupcakes and I decided to take inspiration from all of the banners I've seen on cakes lately and make some little banners to decorate the cupcake display.

I cut diamond shaped pieces of paper that were folded in half over pieces of bakers twine to make little triangle pennants.

With the help of the cupcake holder, I think we had a fun cupcake display. I made the cupcakes and blue buttercream frosting using Leah's recipe and the delicious chocolate frosting was amazingly rich and creamy.

My daughter loved the banners and it was fun to see her excitement about her cupcakes.

One of the activities at the party was making bottlecap necklaces. I glued magnets to jewelry bails and hung them from necklace chains. The bottlecaps can be interchanged with the magnet on the necklace.

Here's a look at a couple of the girls' bottlecaps.

I made paper cones for the girls to store the bottlecaps and necklace.

We had a fun night celebrating!


  1. What a cute party! Love what you did with the cones and bottlecaps!

  2. what a lukcy girl!! all you did is so much fun! love the cupcakes deco!!

  3. WOW this looks like a FUN party!!

  4. The cupcake display looks fabulous! And what a fun craft for the girls--I bet they all had a fun time!



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