Monday, December 5, 2011

Surprise Photos

Don't you love it when you upload photos to your computer and find fun shots that were taken by someone else? Today I loaded up photos and found these cute ones of my eleven year old.

She was playing with my phone before we left for the city lights parade on Saturday while she was talking to me in my scrapbook room. She must have snapped these fun photos.

Her fun head wrap is from Chinatown in NYC. We only bought two when we were there last year and now I'm wishing that we had more.  Maybe I will have to hunt down some others on Etsy. Have you seen any cute one out there?

I've also finished up my December Daily page from yesterday. We had a relaxing morning, afternoon church and then friends came over for dinner. Perfect day for recharging and getting set for a new week.

My parents have invited us over tonight to decorate gingerbread houses. Looking forward to that fun holiday tradition!


  1. those pictures are priceless! I LOVE that hat! Way to go keeping up with your December daily--all my pictures are still in my phone. (I've decided it's easier to take them there and print them out....)

  2. Cute pics, and love the snapshot of the daily. I am so bummed I never got around to making one. Hope to take a crack at it on Sunday and catch up.

  3. Sounds like you've got lots of fun festive activities planned!

  4. She is just too cute! Love the DD page. Have fun decorating gingerbread houses! I always get the kit from Target--gotta remember to pick one up this week!



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