Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crafting Valentine Treats

With Valentine's Day coming next week, I though it would be fun to create a few treat holders to hold some sweet treats. The Glitz Designs Love You Madly line was a perfect starting place for the treat holders. I love the pink and grey color combo of this line! I want to share two different treat holder designs that are quick and fun.

 First up is the Fortune Teller Treat Holder:

Did you make these little fortune tellers as a kid? They are really easy and when flipped upside down, they make four little pockets that perfectly hold small treats. If you need to brush up on making fortune tellers, this link will help you!

Once you've made the forutne teller (I recommend starting with either a 6" or 8" square), then you poke a hole in the center and stick a straw or stick through the hole.

I embellished the top of each straw. That's it! I think these would make really cute place settings. The paper garlands were my favorite accent on these little treat holders.

I'd like to share one more quick treat holder with you today. I'm thinking this would be perfect for dressing up a Valentine treat in a lunch box or making a Valentine a little more special for a friend.

1. Start off with a square piece of paper. I used an 8" square paper.

2. Fold the paper in half diagonally so that you have a triangle.

3. Fold the right bottom corner of the triangle over to the left side.

4. Then fold the bottom left corner over.

5. Fold the top layer of the top point down. 

6. Add some adhesive to make sure the little pocket will stay together. Then embellish.

7. Finish off the treat pocket with something sweet!

Hope you enjoy these ideas! Do you like to do Valentine crafting? Do you plan on making some Valentines?

Fortune Teller Treat Holder Supplies
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Patterned Paper: Floral, Ampersand, Stripe, Hello
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Paper Garland
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Peek a Boos
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Washi Tape Stripe
Thick Straws: Valentine Section at Target

Treat Pocket Supplies
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Stripe
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Paper Layers
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Giant Rhinestones
Glitz Designs "Love You Madly" Whatnots


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!! These are fabulous! I love love love love the colors and loveeeeeeeeee the designs!! Totally pinning!! :)



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