Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

It was so much fun getting a box of new clothes last month and I've been looking forward to my second box. My second Stitch Fix box arrived on Friday. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription service where clothes are chosen in my size and styles I like and sent to me. I have three days to decide what I want to keep and then mail back what I don't like.

I'm wishing now I'd actually done my hair today, so my pictures would look a bit better, but these will have to do.

Striped Tee with Gold Button Sleeves

This shirt was a winner. Loved the basic tee with gold button detailing along the sleeves.

Coral Shirt and Black Skirt

I do like the black knit skirt, but I already have a similar skrit. The coral shirt was a great color, but I didn't really love the fit, so there two items are going back.

Cream Lace Shirt

This casual lace shirt was pretty and lightweight. I layered it over an olive green tee, but it could go over any color. I think it would be great with both jeans or a skirt.

Navy Striped Dress

The dress was okay, but kind of made of a heavy material. I prefer lightweight materials since it is so hot here in AZ, so the dress is going back.

So this month, two new shirts were added to my closet and I didn't even have to leave my house or spent time looking for new clothes. Love it!  Can't wait to see what come next month!

Here's a look at my Stitch Fix #1. 


  1. I love that lacy top on you!! Looks great!!

  2. Looks like you had some great choices! I do love that cream top!



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