Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life 2013: Monday

I was inspired by Ali Edwards this week to join in on documenting the details of my life through her "week in the life" challenge. A lot of people end up creating a full paper album documenting the week. That sounded like more than my schedule would allow, so I decided to focus on taking a bunch of pictures this week and then creating a digital book with all of the photos.

Keeping it simple.

I'm sharing some of my photos on Instagram, but didn't want to overflow my feed (aka annoy people) with too many photos each day, so I'm not posting all of my pictures.

Here's a look at day 1 (Monday) for my week in the life challenge.

You can follow along on my Instagram feed if you'd like. I do love Instagram! It's definitely my favorite piece social media right now.



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