Thursday, March 13, 2014

Playing Suspend

Last month Ward and I went out to dinner with another couple and then back to their house to check on our kids who were all hanging out at their house. We ended up staying and playing Suspend which is a cool balancing game with metal rods and some clever piece placement.  I love that this little moment in time was captured. 

The circle design on the base paper inspired how I used the paper on this page. I used a compass to trace circles to fit fit inside the pattern on the background paper. I love how it creates pops of color on the page!

We've had a very busy month around our place. We are doing a major backyard renovation including a new pool, patio and deck. I love watching the progress take place. The trigger for all of this work is the old pool turned cactus garden by our previous home owner. She had 18 holes drilled in the bottom of the pool so it would drain which also permanently damaged the pool.  Here's a look at the cactus garden pool...

Seriously, who would do this to a pool in Arizona!?!

Here's a look at what our yard looks like today...

The pool has been excavated and a new hole is in the same general location. The long cinderblock wall that divided our yard in half is now gone too and I love how our yard has opened up. Our deck has all new wood and we are working on the roof to the deck. Progress!


  1. Love love love your page!! LOVING the circles and the grid design!! I haven't heard about that game -- will have to check it out!! And oh boy ... I can't believe a pool here in AZ was turned into a cactus garden... lol ... maybe they couldn't afford the water bill?? LOL!! Good luck with the reno!!!

  2. okay I LOVE the page of Ward concentrating! AND AWESOME that you replaced the deck--need to come and see it now!



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