Friday, April 10, 2015

Learn It. Make It. Love It.

Isn't Crafty's tagline perfect for those of us who love crafting and learning new things: Learn It, Make It, Love It.  I'm excited because Craftsy is having a flash sale this weekend where they are offering up to 50% off many of their classes.

My Fast & Fun Scrapbooking Class and my Standout Titles and Creative Journaling Class are both included in the sale!

There are so many other classes that look inspiring. Here's a look at a few that look fantastic to me:

Travel Scrapbooking with Amy Tan

Scrapbook Design and Storytelling with Jen Gallacher

Sweet and Savory Food Gifts with Diana Morgan

Thank You Cards with Kimber McGray

Food Photography with Andrew Scrivani

Okay, there's my list of top class picks. I'm excited to choose a class and learn something.

Teaching at Craftsy was a highlight of last year. I love getting to share my memory keep passion with others!

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