Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine Party Recap

Even though Valentine's Day was several days ago, I thought I'd share what we did at my son's school party in case you get to help at a school party in the future.

This year I'm helping out as an assistant room mom and so I'm always looking for fun class party ideas.

In my former life as an elementary school teacher, I learned that kids in small groups that rotate around to centers is the perfect way for the kids to participate in a variety of activities at a party. Plus it gives more parents opportunities to help and it keeps the volume under control.

We had four stations at our party:

1. Cookie decorating. This is pretty self explanatory. Each of the kids got two cookies to frost and sprinkle and then they had time to eat. While they were eating, they also got a juice box.

2. Passing out Valentines + Word Search. They decorated the bags before the party. Once the kids had passed out valentines, we had a word search ready to keep them busy until it was time to switch stations. You can find lots of valentine word searches here.

3. Making cards. This is an economical and fun project that the kids really seemed to like. We supplied the paper and embellishments and they did the creating.

4. Mystery baby game. This was my favorite activity of the party. Each of the kids was asked to bring in a baby picture the week before the party. The pictures were hung on the board and numbered. The kids had to write on a paper their guesses for who they thought the babies were. One of the kids got 21/24 right!

The party was one hour and each station was about 12 minutes long. We took a few minutes at the end of the part to reveal the answers to the Mystery Baby Game and give out prizes.

Are you helping out in your kids' classes this year?  Do you have any fun party ideas?


  1. Ohhhhh that sounds like it was a BLAST!!! I loveeeee all the activities you came up with!!

  2. these are all great ideas! i always love the baby picture game too :)



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