Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Minute Thank Yous

Considering the fact that I have so much patterned paper and embellishments at my house, you'd think that I should have a pile of cards made and ready to hand out for any occasion. The reality is that every time I need a card for something, I scramble to quickly put something together. Maybe that will change someday, but for now there is not a nice, neat stack of ready made cards.

Last Wednesday was my kids' last day of school and that morning I realized that we needed cards for their teachers. We did have a small gift ready for the teachers, but no card. I quickly worked at my scrapbook desk and put three similar cards together.

Thanks to the beautiful pre-made flowers from my friend Tessa's etsy shop, Precocious Paper, these cards had a perfect focal element and came together quickly.

The patterned paper bases of the cards are from a DCWV card set that I've had for years that I just uncovered in a box recently. Still love those patterns and I was happy to use the cards.

With the addition of some label stickers and a handwritten "thank you", these cards were ready to go.

I'm so thankful for the great teachers our kids had this year. Now it's time to enjoy summer break!


  1. I'm the same way!! Or I have a TON of cards made that have NOTHING to do with what I need! LOL!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee these!! Those flowers are AMAZING!!!!!

  2. these turned out bEAUTIFULLY Lisa!

  3. Amazing cards! Really great color choices!



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