Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel Album: The Beginnings

Our family is getting away to one of our favorite places this weekend: the beach. Last week I put together the base of the album using the Go Somewhere kit file folders. The file folders are so cool because they start out white and will take mist beautifully along with some resist on the paper that will stay white. It has a really cool effect.

Here's a look at what the file folders look like pre-misting.

I used four different mist colors on the file folders. After spraying, I used paper towels to wipe off the extra mist and kept rubbing until the resist part of the paper was white.

Once the album was put together, I pulled a few items from my desk to create a travel kit to bring along on our trip.

Since I hope to put the album together while we are on vacation, I am bringing our Instax camera which instantly prints our mini Poloroid pictures. We bought this camera over a year ago and haven't used it yet. I think I've been waiting for just the right time to use it since the film is a bit pricey. I pulled the film out and it expired two months ago. It seems okay, but I'm going to try and use up the film on this trip.

Can't wait to share the completed album!


  1. How fun!! LOVING the album!! Awesome and PERFECT colors for the beach!! Hope the camera works ok for you!!!

  2. love the peek--cant wait to see the whole thing with the cool instax photos!

  3. This is cool, Lisa! Can't wait to see it filled up!



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