Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day on Our Boat

A couple of months ago my husband was at his computer and told me his friend Dave had emailed him a bunch of links to boats. I thought that was a bit odd since my husband doesn't really know anything about boats. Apparently, the two guys were scheming to buy a boat together. Sounded good to me!

It took some time to find a used boat that they both liked, but it was worth the wait because we now have a great used boat that we share with our friends. Now I just need to learn how to wake board or surf or something behind the boat that this more interesting than riding in a tube.

All of the photos were taken with my phone and they aren't as sharp as I'd like. I think I'll take out the SLR camera on our next boat outing and try to get some better pictures. Since the photos are printed small, I think the phone photos still work for the page.

I used the Talk of the Town Scrapbook Circle kit + Say It Like It Is add-on for this page. I'm loving the patters and colors in this kit!


  1. How fun!!! I love love love the photos and love the big "&" with the contrast of the little cameras!! This is just AWESOME!!!!

  2. GREAT layout! So fun that you all have a boat now!! I'm telling you, that case is AWESOME didn't worry about my phone getting wet at all!

  3. I love all the little photos and stripes and arrows.



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