Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Life: July 8 - 15

In July, our family was lucky enough to attend a family reunion at Lake Tahoe. This was a perfect vacation destination. The five of us headed up to Tahoe a few days before the reunion and put in a lot of play time before the rest of the family arrived.

Although I've done a few layouts with Tahoe photos, I also wanted to document our week in our Project Life album.  Here's a look of the spread from our vacation week.

The Tahoe water is so beautiful and blue and I wanted that color to shine on this spread. I focused on a lot of photos with the water.

I kept the use of embellishments really simple this week so the focus would be on the photos + words.  There are a few kayaking photos because we rented kayaks three different times during the week. It was so great being out on the water. We also met up with some friends from AZ for a day since we were both at the lake the same day. One day we went to the beach and actually swam around in the cold water. The water is so clear that you can see down to the bottom when the water is really deep.

While we were there, my husband, sisters, brother and dad all went parasailing. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to go with all of them. I thought it might be terrifying, but it felt totally safe and we loved the views from way up above the water. We also did some rafting, boating and mini golfing that week. 

The final two days of the vacation were spent at our family reunion. I used an insert for those photos which included the name tags we wore that designated which part of the family we were from.

One of my favorite parts of the reunion was seeing my kids getting to know my cousins' kids.  The kids were a little shy at first, but then they warmed up and really had so much fun together. We had a great time being with our family.

I'm happy to have another week in 2012 documented and on the books!


  1. I love family reunions!! So FUN!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee all the photos and the colors you chose to go with them are PERFECT!!!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Hoping everything is getting back to normal with your house... I know after a break in .... it's a lot of hurry up and wait....

  2. Love all the water shots and the bright colors!



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