Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Making Jam

One of my kids' favorite sweet treats for breakfast is homemade strawberry jam. We hadn't made any for at least a year, so when strawberries were on sale last month, I decided that it was time to make jam again. Max and Hannah were both really excited to help. They stuck with me through all of the slicing, mashing and stirring.

For some odd reason, I only have pictures of Max making the jam, but Hannah was there too. We tried out the lower sugar recipe found on the Sure-Jell Pectin that we used to make the jam.  It used half the sugar of the regular recipe and we couldn't even tell a difference because the jam was still perfectly sweet.

We are finishing up our last week of school around here. The kids are getting antsy and I'm not so sure about how they are going to keep busy all summer. We are just hoping our swimming pool will be finished sometime this summer so we can enjoy it!

Layout Supplies /// Scrapbook Circle High Five Kit


  1. Love love love this! LOVING the mix of patterns and the photos!!!!!

  2. This layout is soo cool. Love the angles and also the journaling. BTW, I think my kids would love to do this so I NEED the recipe. Texting you now!

  3. what ADORABLE pictures of Max--GREAT page Lisa!



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