Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Life: Week One

The first week of my Project Life album is now complete. I loved the process of collecting pieces of our week and putting them together in this album. My goal remains to keep it simple so that I have the time and energy to keep up with this throughout the year.

One night we went out to Oregano's (one of our favorite restaurants) but I forgot to take pictures. Later I realized that I could use a piece of the takeout bag to help document our dinner. Hopefully through out the year I will develop of habit of looking for more non photo ways to document our family life.

During the week, I slipped things into the album that I wanted to save. I finished up the week on Sunday afternoon.

Each little section was it's own little creation. I added tags or journaling to most of the photos to highlight why that photo was used this week.

This week was pretty quiet since the kids were home from school and we didn't really go anywhere. It was really nice to have a lot of quiet and non-busy time this week.

Supplies: Scrapbook Circle Note to Self Kit, PL Clementine Core Kit, Scrapbook Circle Printables


  1. Love what you're doing with your Project Life. It's inspiring me to do one though each time I look at it, I can't figure out where to start, which to get, etc.

  2. Your Project Life album looks awesome. I love all the little moments captured and the idea of non photo ways to show what you did sounds like it will only make the whole project richer. Something as simple as a part of a take home bag really adds such a neat look to the whole page!

  3. thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to "not stress" this go around and enjoy the creative process. I have an envelope to collect the memorabilia in AND I have somewhat of a map to plan out where things will go! I'm on FIRE--bonus I finally got my album for it to go in today! :)

  4. I loveeeeeeee your book so far! I really need to look into this project for next year... sounds a lot less stressful than what I tried to accomplish in December... lol! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Found you through pinterest! Week 1 looks great! I especially love the collage in the 3x4 pocket!



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