Friday, January 6, 2012

Tooth Fairy FAIL

This morning Hannah came and crawled into bed with me. She said that she had been up for a while. I asked her what she'd been doing and she said that she had been laying in her bed wondering why to Tooth Fairy hadn't come to pick up her tooth for the past TWO nights. Major fail for the Tooth Fairy! We need to send an email to the Tooth Fairy and ask her to get her act together.

Since I had her cute toothless smile on my mind today, I decided to put a page together showing off her missing teeth.

Used a couple of Instagram shots on this page. I actually cheated a little bit. I only posted one photo to Instagram, but wanted a similar look to both photos. So I uploaded the second photo to Instagram and then deleted it. The Instagram photo still saved to my general phone photos and I was able to print it.

Are you on Instagram yet? If you have an iPhone I recommend it as my most favorite app. I love it because it's a fun social way to share photos and interact with friends. My username is lisaandrewsaz, so if you are on Instagram, stop by and say hi.

Hopefully the Tooth Fairy doesn't fail for a third time tonight!

All layout supplies are from the Scrapbook Circle You + Me Kit.


  1. Our tooth fairy has done that as well. Must have had a lot of teeth to collect. Adorable photos and layout! I'll stop by your Instagram. I'm there as well - heatherleopard

  2. Great page Lisa - I can totally see my future kids tooth fairy being very forgetful too! What's the going rate for teeth nowadays anyways?

  3. Awwwwww that tooth fairy!! She sometimes forgets! lol!! I love love love the lo!! ADORABLE photos and loving the background paper!! BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. How many times has the tooth fairy forgot... She should be fired at my house!

  5. aww poor sad girl!my girls have yet to loose any first teeth,but I am sure that when th etime comes,the tooth fairy will continue her absent minded ways!

  6. yeah, that tooth fairy--don't know about her sometimes! :) REALLY cute layout and love that you can "trick" instagram and make more photos--seriously have tried to limit myself to only night time visits, TOTALLY addicting!

  7. I always love your instagram photos and what a cute layout! Too funny about the tooth fairy. She's only paid our house a visit twice so far, but I'm am sure once she needs to start visiting the second kid too, she will be equally as forgetful!

  8. What a letdown. You should try pretending to be her tooth fairy in secret! Hehehe… She’d find that quite swell. She’s been waiting for it to come for quite a while. She still looks cute with that smile, though. Talk about photogenic!

    Bianca Jackson

  9. Another no-show for the tooth fairy, *sigh*, anyway, picture taking is a great diversionary tactic, and it looks like your daughter enjoyed your photo shoot. Anyway, there’s always another chance. Maybe the next time she loses a tooth, the tooth fairy might come. Let’s just hope that she isn’t too busy for your child on that day.

    -Landon Heath

  10. Maybe the tooth fairy was having post-holiday syndrome. XD So maybe, just tell Hannah to lose a tooth long after the holiday. Only if we could possibly dictate losing a tooth! In any case, I’m sure you’d been an effective proxy just not to disappoint your daughter. ;)

    Pearl Cook

  11. Aw! Poor Hannah! It is quite a doozy when you disappoint a child, right? Getting something from the tooth fairy is one of the most exciting childhood moments for them. It’s part of the beauty of growing up. In exchange for their first lose tooth, they get something in return – a gift or a penny perhaps.

    Ted Grimmer



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