Monday, March 12, 2012

Enjoy Life

A few days ago I saw this quote on Pinterest and loved it:

I read Marjorie Hinkley's book a few years ago and really enjoyed her common sense attitude and optimistic outlook on life.

Even if each day isn't great, I try to focus on the good things that happened.

Today I want to share one small and simple good thing with you that I discovered at a friend's house. I'm sure every knew this except for me. Use a clothespin to hold a dishtowel on the handle of the dishwasher.

My dishtowels were always falling on the floor and then I saw this simple solution and wondered why I hadn't thought of that.

Hopefully this will help you with your falling dishtowel issues!

Hope you enjoy today.


  1. I totally agree. sometimes it can be hard to do when the daily grind is getting you down, but reflecting on the good things and just being there in the present moment is such a good perspective to have. LOVE that dish towel idea!

  2. Amen to that quote...and loving the dish towel idea!

  3. aw thanks for the little tip,my girls are always steling my dishtowels for baby blankets,or accidentally hanging on them as the walk away,causing them to fall off,great little trick!

  4. I love this tip! Thanks for sharing, I'm totally going to use it. :)

  5. I just happened upon thios old blog post of yours and... Omigosh!!! Such a simple and great idea ! TFS!



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