Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break and Getting Orgainzed

We are on week two of spring break. We were traveling of all last week and this week we are getting things done at home. I must admit that I am having a bit of travel withdrawals. Exactly a week ago we were enjoying time with my sister and her family at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. The weather was perfect and everyone had a fantastic time.

Being at the beach is one of my favorite things to do. Can you tell I was pretty relaxed?

It was so great to see the cousins all playing together. They only get to see each other about once a year, so it was a special time.

My niece loved to pose for the camera, so of course, I was loving that!

Even though we don't have school this week, we are keeping busy with volleyball camp, scouts, piano lessons, basketball practice, a dentist appointment and church activities. We also spent a few hours yesterday cleaning out the girls room. Things had really accumulated in their closet and we now have several bags of things to giveaway. Love that cleaned out feeling!

Today I worked on a little pantry organization inspired by my visit to my sister last week. She stored a bunch of her pantry items in mason jars and I loved how it added to the organization of her kitchen. I have about 30 mason jars that my mom gave me that have been sitting in my garage.

 I washed the jars and then added a bunch of pantry items that were being stored in big baggies.

I placed a piece of chipboard in between the layers to help stabilize the top layer of jars.

The labels were cut out of self adhesive chalkboard paper with my Cameo. I then used a white sharpie to write on the labels.

Now I just need to organize the rest of the pantry!

Hope you are enjoying your week.


  1. sounds like a productive spring break MUCH like ours! :) the jars are FABULOUS!

  2. LOVING your vacay photos!!! You look so cute...and so do all the cousins!! And loving the labels on the jars!

  3. wow, this is what i envisioned my jars being like! so great. i think its time to refill mine and slap on some labels!

  4. Fun beach photos and I love the mason jars! I just love the way mason jars look and those chalkboard labels look fabulous!



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