Thursday, March 15, 2012


Last week I felt very lucky to get to go and see Wicked. We bought our tickets months ago and have been eagerly awaiting the show. My daughter Audrey came along with my sister and parents.

The musical has such a great story and music. I think my favorite song is "For Good" that was sung at the end. Such a great message about meeting people in life at certain times and having them influence you for good.

All of the layout supplies are from the Best.Day.Ever. kit.

Thanks for the visit today!


  1. SO fun! Wish I would've been on the ball so Alyisa and I could've gone--REALLY enjoy the music!! GREAt layout too! :)

  2. What a cool day! I love the strips of paper!

  3. Soooooooooooooo fun!!! I love love love this!! I always wanted to see that show! I loveeeeeee all the different paper bits!

  4. OHHH! LOVE this LO! I have tickets to Wicked for April!! I cannot wait to see it!! <3



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