Thursday, May 17, 2012

Exploring the Desert

As I mentioned yesterday, we went on an outing to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden last week. We did spend the majority of our time in the butterfly exhibit, but we also walked around the desert gardens for a half an hour. It was around 100 degrees, so we really didn't want to spend much more time outside.

I love going to the Desert Botanical Garden because it really shows off the beauty of a huge variety of desert plants. When I was a kid I used to think that the desert wasn't very pretty, but now I love it. It is so unique and really does have it's own beauty.

Although the desert plants are beautiful, the heat is not so pretty. We are getting ourselves mentally ready for the next 5 months of 100 degree+ weather. Luckily we have a swimming pool!

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  1. Loving those photos and you know I feel your pain... 100 degrees plus weather... I so don't look forward to it!!

  2. what a GREAT layout--totally agree about the weather--I really could DO WITHOUT the heat and thankful I have a pool!

  3. we havent made it to the gardens yet! Gotta put that on my summer to do list! that pp is perfect for the photos :)



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