Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Project Life: April 29 - May 5

Another week of Project Life is now complete! Hannah got into the project this week by suggesting that we use the CarpiSun wrapper in the "life album." Love that she is thinking about adding things to the album. (I did cut the back off of the CapriSun wrapper and wash it out, so we won't have any juice drips in the album.)

Lots of good things went on last week and it's nice to have them captured all in one place.

This week I just pulled product that was sitting on my desk to fill in the pages. Some of the paper is brand new (from Heidi Swapp) and other paper is years old (Love, Elise from KI Memories.) It all worked together.

This week we discovered a nest with eggs in the wreath on our front door. The only problem is that when the mother bird is sitting in the nest and our front door flies open, the bird flies into the house. She's flown in three times in the past week and it can be a challenge to get her back outside.

Audrey's 12th Birthday Party /// Random Shot Taken in Kids' Bathroom /// Lunch Date at Liberty Market

 Last Basketball Game + Trophies /// Chandler Children's Choir Concert

Tickets to the CCC Concert /// Choir Friends

Max Winning the 50/50 Raffle /// Basketball Snacks

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Several of the supplies used this week are older and are no longer available, but here's a look at some current product used on these pages.


  1. Loveeeeeeee this weeks!! LOVING how you included the birthday photos and love love love the added capri-sun!!!!

  2. how fun that Hannah suggested the capri sun! LOVING this project life stuff--I still need to print my pictures from last week...

  3. i love the colorful backgrounds!



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