Friday, November 9, 2012

Dinner Date @ Soccer

With the soccer season in full swing right now, we have three nights a week where kids are off to soccer practice. My husband and I have been meeting up at the soccer field most Tuesday nights where we eat dinner together while watching soccer practice. I usually cook up something simple at home and bring it. One week I picked up Rubios and I happened to snap a couple of photos.

I love documenting these simple moments of our family life. It's all of these little moments that seem to be where true bonding and the foundation of our family life is built. It's all about making time together happen especially when we are so busy that we could easily not spend time together until very late in the day. I like that we make spending time together a priority.

This page came together with the November Scrapbook Circle kit and add-on. It's kind of a funky mix of patterns on this page, but I like it anyway!

This page was inspired by Diana's sketch that is up on the Scrapbook Circle blog today. Want to create something with this sketch too?  Stop by the Scrapbook Circle blog for details on sharing your pages.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. what a FUN way to spend soccer practice! SO fun that you documented it with a FUN page!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! LOVING the photos and loveeeeeeeeee the pies!!!

  3. Its a good idea to grab some time together whilst supporting your kids - cute layout!



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