Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project Life: October 7 - 13

This week for my project life album was really fun to put together because there were a lot of things to include besides pictures.

This week covered a few days at home and then three days in NYC. Plus is was also Max's birthday. There were two inserts for this week: one was this 6 X 12 page protector that held Max's birthday cards and the other was these coin holders with pockets that holds a bunch of small 2 X 2 photos.

Video Chat with Cousins /// Lego Building /// Soccer Dinner Date /// Haircut /// Birthday @ JFG

NYC Boarding Pass /// 911 Memorial /// Carlo's Bakery /// Tickets

I think these photo pockets are my favorite way to document vacations in the PL album because they allow me to use a lot of photos in a little space. The little NY themed papers mixed in with the photos are sticky notes I picked up at the MOMA gift shop. I knew they would come in handy!

We are up in Salt Lake City today enjoying time together with my siblings and parents. My youngest sister is leaving on a mission for our church in less than two week and we wanted to get together before she leaves. We are trying to keep warm. My thin AZ blood is not used to this cold weather!

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  1. I loveeeeeeee how you added all the goodies from your trip and LOVING that photo of you!!!!



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