Friday, July 12, 2013

Project Life: April 21 - 27

I'm still doing Project Life and I still love it. I love capturing bits of our daily life and recording it all in one place. Here's a look at our week starting with April 21.

You can click on the photos to view larger.

I had some fun mixing photos with a painting by Hannah plus some cabinet plans/drawings for our pantry. This is the perfect place to document these things. 

Pantry Plans /// Sunday Brunch with Friends /// Gramps' Birthday /// Night on the Lake /// Half Day Lunch at Five Guys

Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan /// Hannah's Painting /// Dancing at Gramps' Party /// My First Stitch Fix /// Setting Up Our New House

Another week is complete! 


  1. Loving that you included the kitchen plans and her drawing!! LOVE this!!



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