Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Happy Boy

Some new Jillibean Soup goods just arrived this week and I couldn't wait to create with them.

I LOVE the paper I used on this layout for the background. The text on the paper gives an interesting and subtle pattern. I may need a few more sheets of this paper! The reverse side of the text paper is the lovely green paper that is right under the photos in the layout. Love that shade of green. I'm pretty sure that is my favorite color right now.
For the pleating, I cut three 1" x 12" strips of paper. I folded some of them so that the reverse side of the paper would show. I used a glue stick and some glue dots to get the pleats to lay flat and neat. What do you think of the photos? I took them of my son after church one Sunday when we were visiting a friend who had just had a new baby. I looked outback and saw him jumping on the trampoline in his suit. He looked so happy and I just had to take a few photos to help me remember the moment.


  1. these pictures crack me up! I REALLY like this paper--so cool! Great layout!!

  2. Hey there! I'm am LOVING your layouts! Your blog is so pretty and makes me ready for SPRING!!! :)



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