Saturday, March 20, 2010

Organizing My Scrapbook Room

I've spent time over the past couple of days cleaning and organizing my scrapbook room. I LOVE have things clean and organized. Now I just need to have my kids feel the same way about having things clean and organized!

While organizing, I came across some things that I want to giveaway to my fabulous blog readers! I have paper packs given to me at CHA of brand new paper (I can only use so much paper!), brand new ideas books, a couple of Scrapbook Circle kits and a couple other surprises. Stop by next week for the giveaway.

Yesterday, I worked on another little notebook. I guess I'm addicted to them right now. It's really fun to create a quick project that I can give to someone else.
I've been having fun playing around with the House of 3 transparent frames on my photos. I will have to share soon how to add these to your photos.
Still loving the Dear Lizzy line. I'm not usually into softer, more pastel colors, but the patterns are so happy and playful they just make the colors work for me.
Hope you are having a great weekend! We took the kids to a double feature at the drive-in movies last night (Diary of a Wimpy Kit and Percy Jackson) and didn't get home until midnight. So fun! And such a's only $16 for our family of 5 to get in and see both movies. I'm thinking that we need a quiet and early to bed night tonight!


  1. love these! Sounds like fun, the drive thru! Haven't done that in FOREVER!!

  2. love Dear Lizzy too and your album is supercute! I wish we had a drive-in theater near my city--I miss those so much!

  3. Your notebooks have inspired me to do a notebook project with youth from church this week :). So cute! Your family night must have been so fun!



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