Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday No. 10

My daughter needed a card to go with a birthday present today, so I quickly put this card together before she had to go to the party this morning.
I love how happy and bright these papers are from the Jillibean Soup Egg Drop line. The base of the card is Jillibean's black bean paper. It was fun to play with the contrast on the darker background with the lighter colored papers.

The "No. 10" was cut from the Jillibean Old World Cabbage Stew Spring Onions paper.Seriously loving all of those numbers. Lots of ideas going though my head on how to use this sheet of paper.

Question for you always make a birthday card to go with your gift?

I'm not always very good about this. Especially when it's for a kid's birthday party. Sometimes I'm a little lame and just tell the recipient the gift is from me when he/she is about to open it. Seems like I should ALWAYS have a card with a gift considering the amount of paper I have around here. Sometimes though I just run out of time and it's a no-card gift.

The white inked frame around my photo came from here and the mini alphas are from Jenni Bowlin.


  1. Often I let (or make) my kids make the birthday cards to accompany their friends' gifts (and they know they can use my supplies). Sometimes I'll just make a cute tag if I'm giving a gift... but you are right, with all the paper & supplies I have, I should be making a card every time - and then some!

  2. I guess I'm lame too....I do mini tags and have the kids write to and from on them. I just hate putting all that time into a card and know it's just going to be thrown away with no appreciation....Maybe I should make bigger FUN tags for the kids....



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