Sunday, March 14, 2010

Play Time

We had friends staying with us from out of town for a few days and we have had great time playing and relaxing with them. Tonight I discovered that I did a terrible job taking pictures while they were here. Guess they need to come back soon so that I can do better!

We did spend some time at a new park by our house. It was built on top of a landfill. How crazy and creative is that?!? It's raised up pretty high and has great views. We made the Pioneer Woman's recipe for potato skins on Friday night. Definitely something I want to make again!

Here are the potatoes just before going into the oven. Mmmmm....This was just minutes after removing the pan from the oven. Do you think everyone like them?
Saturday morning after our friends left, I decided to go to the Ostrich Festival with my kids. We didn't see any ostriches, but we did enjoy rides, carnival games and funnel cake.
Saturday night was a fundraiser dinner for the Chandler Children's Choir. My oldest 2 kids sing in the choir and we had a really fun night!

The limbo and hula hoops were some of the highlights.Not much crafting time the past few days, but a lot of material was being collected for some fun new layouts and projects!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

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  1. okay the last three pictures are my favorites! What an eye for photography! I especially love the" limbo!" LOL!



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