Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Scrapbook in a Jar

This summer our family and some friends spent some time at the beach in Mexico. I wanted to create a little album that could hold my favorite pictures from the trip. While we were at the beach, we collected a bunch of seashell and I thought that it would be cool in incorporate those into my scrapbook project. I had an empty jar sitting in my scrapbook room and the idea came to me that I should combine the shells and a little scrapbook into one project.

I built the mini album in the jar using a few different Happy Travels Glitz Designs papers. Here's a look at how the project came together.

1. The base of this album was built just using pieces of patterned paper. Each page was cut to 5" X 2.5". (The finished album size is 2.5" X 2.5".)

2. After cutting the pages, I scored them down the middle and folded them in half.

3. Next, I punched holes along the center creases of each paper. The holes are about 1/3" from the edge of the paper.

4. To bind the album, I stacked all of the punched papers on top of each other and threaded a piece of baker's twine onto a needle. I then used the needle to thread it through the holes and tied the twine to hold the pages together.

5. Now that the base of the album was assembled, I printed out 25 of my favorite trip photos so that they were each 2 X 2 inches.

6. The fun part was adding the pictures and embellishments to the pages. I added some stickers, used stamps and did a few patterned paper embellishments.

7. With the mini album assembled, I added a background picture to the jar and backed it with a piece of patterned paper so that the jar would look pretty from all sides.

8. After the background picture was added to the jar, I added a few of the seashells that we collected with on our trip to the bottom of the jar. I didn't fill it too mach because I wanted to leave room for the album plus a bit of the picture to show through.

9. The finished project with be something fun to display and I like that it is interactive because of the little album inside of the jar.

This was such a fun project I think I'll do it again with another vacation. The jar would be a great place to hold brochures and ticket stubs collected on a trip and the mini album can highlight a few favorite photos.


Glitz Designs Happy Travels Patterned Paper:  World, Polka, Flower, Stripe
Glitz Designs French Kiss Patterned Paper: Hats
Glitz Designs Happy Travels Epoxy Stickers
Glitz Designs French Kiss Glitzers
Glitz Designs Happy Travels Stamps
Glitz Designs Happy Travels 6 X 6 Paper Pad

Other: Jar (IKEA), Tape (Target & Bella Blvd.), Twine (Whisker Graphics)



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