Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Life: June 17 - 22

Today I have another week of Project Life to share with you. I'm feeling a little burn out on the project, but I'm going to keep it up because I know it will be worth it in the end.

Summer was in full swing this week and we spent a lot of time with family and went down to Mexico to the beach for the weekend.

Father's Day Celebrations /// Celebrated my Mother-in-law's Birthday ///Swimming in our Pool

Beach in Mexico /// Octopus! /// Pool Time in Mexico /// Mango Flower

The supplies were pretty simple this week. I used up a bunch of scraps sitting on my work desk. Got to love that.


  1. I am way behind...just do a little here a little is definately worth it in the my 2011 album. Keep going!!!

  2. this looks GREAT! for burn out your looking pretty awesome!

  3. I am happy that you are keeping up with PL... I loveeeeeee seeing your pages!!! LOVING all the photos and love love love the chevrons!!!!



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