Friday, August 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Cooking

This week I took our dinner inspiration from ideas found on Pinterest. I figure that since I'm pinning so many delicious looking ideas, I should at least make a few of them.

On Monday night we tried this baked Chicken Parmesan dish. It was really easy to assemble and I put put it together early in the day and stored it in the fridge since I knew I'd be driving to piano lessons during dinner prep time. The great thing about this dish is that there is not any breading or frying. The secret ingredient is croutons added to the top of the chicken. Brillant and delicious.

On Tuesday night, I took inspiration from this Chile Colorado Burrito recipe. I used a port roast and covered it with a can on red enchilada sauce. So I didn't exactly follow the recipe, but the idea came from this pin. We just rolled the meat up in burritos and served it with some fruit.

The great thing about both of these meals was that there were plenty of leftovers for two more meals.

Wednesday night we buttered and toasted rolls and used the leftover chicken parmesan on them. I just diced up the chicken, heated it in a skillet and filled the rolls. Everyone in our family agreed it was better on the toasted rolls than the spaghetti we'd used on Monday.

Thursday night we used up the extra pork on tacos. We like using this "Inside-Out" taco cooking method that we made up because the corn tortilla stays soft while the toasted cheese on it is so delicious.

I also made a couple of other Pinterest inspired things this week. On Thursday, the Pinterest group I'm in got together and I made these Southwest Egg Rolls for my contribution to our lunch. They were good and I plan on making them again. I think the secret is the great avocado ranch sauce that goes with the egg rolls.

Finally, today I got together with some friends for brunch and I tried out this Blueberry Biscuit recipe. It came together in under 5 minutes. I was thinking I'd forgotten to do something because it was so easy. The biscuits were soft and had a nice flavor.

I think I've done my share of baking/cooking for the week. I'm thinking we should eat out all weekend!



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