Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Day @ Grimaldi's

While we were in NYC this month, we knew that we wanted to have some really delicious thin crust New York style pizza and decided that Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn was the place to go. As I mentioned last week, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Our destination after crossing the bridge was Grimaldi's. We walked about a mile after getting off the bridge and the kids were not sure if they would survive until lunch.

Once we arrived at Grimaldi's, we were met by a line out the door. We expected the wait and the line thankfully moved pretty quickly.

Each of the kids got to order a bottled soda and Max tried cream soda for the first time. He thought it was a winner!

We (my friend Janet and I plus our 6 kids) almost finished off 3 very large pizzas. I think all of our walking helped us work up a good appetite.

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  1. NYC pizza is the BEST!!! LOVING your lo!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the photos, the colors and the splatters!!!

  2. Looks yummy nothing like NYC pizza! Just as well you were there before the storm. Like all the little clusters on this layout.

  3. Oooohhhh....I'm craving pizza now!!!
    Great layout! Love the way you highlighted each pic in a different way!

  4. Super cute layout and I love the story that goes with it. I'm sure the walking to and from offset the calories from the pizza too!



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