Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Life: August 12 - 18

During the week of August 12, I did a terrible job taking pictures  Our house was broken into on the 12th and that just really through things out of whack. It was a crazy and somewhat stressful week and apparently, that means I wasn't busy taking many pictures.

Luckily we did have a night at a local resort (Arizona Grand) booked for the weekend and there were several photos taken there. We had a free night at the resort because a fire alarm had gone off repeatedly when we had stayed there earlier this summer. Can't complain about a free night at a resort with a waterpark especially during such a crazy week.

Max scored 100% on a math test this week and got to go to the mall for pretzels as a reward. He is very capable in math, but tends to make silly mistakes. We'd told him anytime he gets 100% on a math test this year, then we'd take him to the mall for a pretzel, which is his all time favorite snack.

Pretzel Reward /// Break In /// Cousin Rose /// Texting /// Insurance Forms /// Scouts

Dive-in Movie /// Fountain Playtime /// Lazy River /// Relaxing

Another week has officially been documented! Loving this project!


  1. Oh no! SO sorry to hear about your break-in! That happened once to my mom and I when I was younger and it still worries me even now as an adult. Because of that I am so OCD about locking doors and windows and making the sure the alarm is on. Glad to see you had a fun-filled mini-vacation to kinda take your mind off of it!

  2. You know I know how much a break in can throw your life into a fit!! I am glad you still documented this week!! These are AWESOME!!!!



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