Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hole in the Rock

We have a little collection of mountains/rocky hills near the Phoenix Zoo that we like to visit once a year or so. One of the mountains in aptly named "Hole in the Rock" because, well, there is a hole in the rock. Someone did some very clever naming sometime in history.

See the little hole at the top of the rocks?  There is a nice 5 minute trail you can use to walk up to the hole and get a good view of the city.

Since we are currently on fall break, we decided to go to the zoo one day last week. Each of the kids brought a friend and after we spent a couple of hours at the zoo, the kids all wanted to climb to Hole in the Rock.  A couple of their friends hadn't every been to Hole in the Rock, we we were excited to show off this cool little spot.

It was over 100 degrees while we were climbing the rock, so I was grateful that this wasn't a long hike. I think everyone finished off their own water bottle while climbing the rock just to try and stay cool. We are definitely looking forward to some fall weather arriving (hopefully) soon.

A lot of the embellishments on this page came from the October Scrapbook Circle printable and a couple of the custom Scrapbook Circle tags that are in the kit this month were used too. It was fun to piece this page together. I couldn't resist using the "You Rock" speech bubble for this page.

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  1. this page looks GREAT! I think I've been to hole in the rock ONCE--a LONG time ago! Think I need to take my kids next week!!

  2. As many times that I have been to the Phx Zoo.. I have NEVER been up there!! Crazy!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee your lo!!! LOVING the photos and the paint splatters!!!!



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