Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Project Life: February 24 & March 3

As I reported on Instagram a couple of days ago, I am current on Project Life!  Such a good feeling! I focused on catching up over the weekend and finished up 6 weeks. I'm still loving the combined Project Life and regular layout approach I'm taking to memory keeping. This album is the perfect place to put all of our everyday pictures and tell our everyday stories.

Another reason I love the project life approach is that it is the perfect place for me to use up layout scraps and paper samples that probably won't make their way onto a regular layout. I usually make a few layouts with my Scrapbook Circle kits and then use up the extra pieces on PL. That way I really don't have anything leftover.

I'm going to share a couple weeks of PL today so that I don't end up filling too many posts with this project.

First up is the week of February 24. I didn't have very many pictures for this week, but there was enough to fill up the pages.

Pretzels at the Mall /// Buying out New Home /// Letter from Previous Home Owner  (sweet note) /// Blue & Gold Scout Banquet

Showing my Parents the New House /// New Beginnings Program at Church

Next up is the week of March 3. I had fun using up some American Crafts samples I received at CHA on this spread. 

This was the first full week we owned our new home. Thankfully we didn't have to be out of our current house at any time. We are going to rent it and don't have renters yet, so no hurrying for us. We decided to replace the carpet on the main level of the house with wood that was already in some places on that floor. The project started this week and was supposed to last two weeks, but ended up lasting 4 weeks. I'm so grateful we weren't living in the house during all of that floor remodeling!

Custard with Friends /// Sorting and Packing Scrapbook Supplies /// Cute Notes from Hannah

Horseback Riding Lessons /// Home Screen on my Phone /// Goodbye Ugly Carpet

I'm excited to be keeping up with this project! 


  1. looking good! SO much better withOUT that nasty carpet by the fireplace!

  2. So excited about your new house!! LOVING the PL pages ... loving that sweet note from Hannah! :)



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