Thursday, April 11, 2013

Project Life: March 10 & 17

Hello! I have another couple of Project Life weeks to share today. I'm pretty sure this project is training me to take a lot more everyday pictures than I would without the project.

The first week I want to share is the week of March 10. It was our first week of spring break and we spent a lof of time relaxing around our house.

I do not plan out photos for the week, but always seem to have enough when I go to print for the week.

Celebrating Cousin Rose's 1st Birthday /// Paddle Boating during Spring Break 

Day at the Phoenix Zoo /// Hiking in the Superstition Mountains /// Teaching Nursery @ Church /// Choosing Paint Colors for My New Office

The second week up for today is the week of March 17. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by and this project definitely helps me feel the quick passing of time. 

This was our second full week of spring break. The girls and I stayed home all week while Ward and Max spend a weekend with Ward's dad up in Salt Lake City for the first round of the NCAA tournament. I loved being home, getting projects worked on and eating out a lot.

Green Food for St. Patrick's Day /// Riding in the Car /// Scout Day Camp /// Hannah Posing /// Flowers + Chocolate /// Exploring in the New House

Basketball Weekend in SLC /// Shaved Ice in Gilbert /// Trying on New Dresses @ Nordstrom Rack

There you have it! Another two weeks of Project Life complete! Enjoy your day.


  1. looks GREAT Lisa! My pictures have stayed tacked and I'm okay with that it'll get done! ;)

  2. Love love love love these pages!! LOVING the photos!!!



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