Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Go Tigers!

Early in January a friend called and asked if Audrey would want to join a lacrosse team. No one in our family had ever seen a lacrosse game, let alone thought about playing it. But Audrey was really excited about giving it a try, so we signed her up and she started the next day.

Since then she's been practicing every weekday for 2 hours after school. (Except for Thursday because of a choir conflict.) These girls are in really great shape. Seriously. I kind of wish I had to go to a two hour workout everyday. Then again, do I really want to work out for two hours a day?

I love team sports not just for the exercise, but for everything that can be learned about team work, working hard, kindness, respect and dedication.

So now we are three months in and still loving it. I love watching the girls play hard in their games. It's amazing and exciting to watch them progress throughout the season.  Games end in a couple of weeks and I'm sure Audrey will miss the daily practices which is a good sign that she is doing something she loves. That means that I love lacrosse too.

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  1. I have been excited to see Lacrosse show up more and more here in AZ ... it's HUGE back East! Like a sin NOT to play back home! LOL!! I loveeeeeeee your lo!! LOVING the colors and the circles!!!!!

  2. this is AWESOME Lisa--love that she loves this!



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