Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project Life >>> February 2014 Part 2

Collecting bits and pieces from our family's daily activities and compiling them into my Project Life album continues to be one of my favorite memory keeping activities. This album helps me keep the "must save" papers under control because there is a planned place to put them. Plus, I will never have enough time to create a single layout featuring all of these photos, so it's another way I enjoy telling our family stories.

Doing two weeks per spread has proved to be the best thing for getting me excited about this album again. Producing a spread for each week in 2012 and 2013 just became a little too much for me. It is great to look back on those albums and see so much detail, but simplifying a bit is much better for me. It was either simplify or take a break from PL for a bit and simplifying was definitely the right choice.

Santa Barbara Choir Trip Highlights

Mom's Birthday Brunch /// Our Backyard Pool Digging Begins /// Bike Riding /// Basketball /// Water Gun Fight at the Neighbor's House

Since going to two weeks per spread, there have been more insert pages. Fine with me! In the end, the same highlights from what is going on are recorded and I love that. This spread's inserts include our choir badges from the Santa Barbara trip Audrey and I took, a program from the choir trip, a report Hannah wrote on Egypt and an All About Me poster Hannah made for school. Perfect place to collect all of this!



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