Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creative Escape 2009 Projects Day 2

Last Saturday was another great day at Creative Escape. Here's a look at the projects we got to make.

Debbie Schuh's Creative Escape Album. When I first saw this project, I figured that I didn't really need an album for CE, but thought that I could use it for something else. But as the weekend continued, I kept collecting all sorts of things (name tag, raffle tickets, pins, RAK tags, etc.) and decided that this album will be a perfect place to store all of my junk from the weekend. I've never put an album together just for me with my stuff and I think this will be a fun project once it makes it to the top of the to do list.
Marah Johnson's Heart Box. This class was all about inking, sanding, misting, painting and getting your hands dirty. Most of the paper we used is flocked and it gave such great dimention to the project.
Not only did we decorate the box, but we also decorated the covers and spines of books that fit inside of the box. Still not sure if I will do anything with the insides of the books, but for now, this box is a great home decor item.Heidi Swapp's Once in a Lifetime Album. This was one of my top favorite projects. I love it becuase it is a place where I will put meaningful photos and it is a home decor item (which I love!) Heidi talked about how each moment is a "Once in a Lifetime" opportunity and how we are able to preserve and remember so many of those special moments through scrapbooking.
This album has many layers. The front falp folds up to reveal a gated opening.
Next is this star envelope that opens to a card that opens to a little envelope that opens to another card. Very interactive. Love the design!
Lynette Carroll's Unforgettable Wall Art. This project involved building a piece of wall art out of 6 different panels. We had to be very precise to have it all fit together. Maybe I was just getting a little worn down since this was the last of eight classes, but I didn't find the tedious work very enjoyable. Plus, I'm more of a bright colors girl, so the black and white palette wasn't as apealing to me. This was a well thought out project, just not one of my favorites.

That's it! It felt so great to get to create so many things is such a short amount of time. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to go again someday!

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