Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Creation Books with the Silhouette

At church each Sunday I get to teach the class of 3 year olds. I have four energetic kids in my class and we have a good time playing games, coloring and hopefully having them learn a church message mixed in with the fun.

For the past few weeks, we have been talking about different parts of the creation each week. When we started these lessons, I had just receive my Cameo and was really excited to use it as much as possible. So I hatched the idea of cutting images to go with each week's creation lesson that the kids could use to make pages in a creation book.

The books are very simple and I think they are perfect for a three year old. This seemed to be the first time a couple of them had ever used a glue stick. Got to get them started on crafting at a young age, right?

All of the lessons are in our class manual, so I didn't have to come up with lesson material, I just got to teach and have fun with the kids.

The Cameo was perfect for cutting out simple shapes that went with each of our lessons. I did purchase a few of the shapes, but I have a subscription and it comes out to around 27 cents per shape.

Each week I would collect the pages. After a couple of weeks they started asking if they could do their books.

The earth was the only page where we didn't use a Cameo shape because I didn't really like the shape they had in the shop. This clip art image did the job.

Last Sunday we completed the last page of the creation book and I bound all of the pages together with my Bind-It-All after church. I'm excited to deliver the completed books to my class next week. I'm pretty sure I had more fun with this project than they did.


  1. how sweet are these books?! SO totally cute!

  2. Look how creative they are!!!!! I loveeeeeeee this idea and the pages turned out AWESOME!!

  3. i love this! Annabelle brings home a colored piece of paper every week that ends up getting thrown away (don't tell her that!), so this is a good way for them to look back at what they learned!



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