Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quick Bunny Banner

While cutting some little vinyl bunny stickers with my Cameo to use with our egg coloring yesterday, the idea to make a little banner out of the bunny shapes came to me.

I cut out a bunch of bunny shapes from patterned paper. Since I wanted to sew a ribbon to hold the bunnies together, I cut enough bunnies so that they could go back to back.  The ribbon is sandwiched in between the bunnies is sets of two.

If you want to do something like this, you will need some of the shapes to be left facing and others to be right facing. In the Silhouette software, it is easy to flip a shape. Go to Object > Transform > Flip Horizontally.

 The ends of the ribbon are just taped inside of the candle holders.

My girls think that I need to add the words "Happy Easter" to the bunnies, but I'm really liking the simplicity of just the bunnies. Maybe I'll add some text to them next year.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


  1. That banner is soooooo cute!! Happy Easter!

  2. adorable banner! i love the little bunnies as is too--very sweet :) Happy Easter!

  3. this is so clever and sweet! I need a Cameo!!

  4. Really cute, Such a nice way to promote any events and also express yourself using pvc banners. very effective.



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