Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Life: March 25 - 31

While going thorough some photos I realized that I hadn't shared my Project Life pages from the last week in March. I won't keep you in suspense any longer. :)

I have a pretty good system down now for completing these pages each week so that they don't take too much time, but are still somewhat interesting.

The first thing I do each week is load my photos onto my computer and move all of the photos that might get used on my page to a "print" folder in iPhoto. I keep my favorites in the folder and delete the rest.

Once I see how many photos I'd like to use that week, I flip through the different page protector styles and see which will work best.

I then print my photos and set them out on top of the page protectors white they dry and I get started with collecting paper for the week.

Next I clean out my purse looking for receipts, menus, ticket stubs or anything else that might have been collected during the week. This process has been great for keeping the clutter in my purse under control!

All of the extra bits are used to fill in the holes where there are not any pictures.

I try to leave a couple of blank spaces for journaling or even just some patterned paper so that they entire page isn't covered in photos.

The last step is working my way across the page designing the photo/paper/journaling for each of the pocket. I make an effort to keep it very simple and not to over think or overdo each section.  I'm afraid that if this project starts taking up too much time, I won't like it much anymore.  So the process needs to be simple and fairly quick each week.

It takes a couple of hours from start to finish, but it is rarely done in one sitting. Sometimes I only have time to do a pocket or two, but I just keep chipping away at it each week.

One fun thing I want to note from this week's pages is the two pockets in the upper right hand page that have screenshots from my phone. This week the five of us in our family all really got into playing Draw Something which is an app of the iPhone (maybe it's available for other devices too?) We have enough devices that each of us has our our account and we like to draw pictures and send them to each other. It's been a fun activity to do together.

Thanks for the visit today. Enjoy your day!

Supplies use on this week's pages:


  1. love the draw something bit--we have that but I haven't played with it yet! Week looks FABULOUS!

  2. Such an awesome system you have come up with!!! I loveeeeeeeee this weeks pages!

  3. i really need to get on track with project life. thanks for the inspo.




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