Friday, April 20, 2012

Project Life: April 8 - 14

This week has been pretty Project Life heavy. I've been busy getting caught up and now I'm current. Feels good to be up to date on the project.

The highlights of the left page: Easter Dessert /// Easter Dinner /// Enjoying Cooler Weather /// Spring Fling @ School /// Cub Scout Hike

Highlights of the right page: Girls' Morning Bike Ride /// Blondie-Brownies /// Gym ///Joe's Farm Grill /// Listening to House at Riverton (loved it!) /// Cool Calligraphy /// Dine-in Movie Theatre Date Night

This week also has an insert because I wanted to be sure to include photos of the kids in their new Easter clothes. I just sliced a full page protector so fit these photos.

Another great week is wrapped up!

Also, I wanted to share a peek of the upcoming May Scrapbook Circle Kit with you. I'm so excited about this kit! It's available for preorder now.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. FUN stuff--my pictures are taken of the previous weeks, last week is sitting on my desk ready to journal and I need to organize my pictures for this week--a lot of work--but SO worth it!

  2. your pages always look so cool, and you are so dedicated staying up to date!



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