Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinterest Group: Burlap Wreath + Blondie/Brownies

A few months ago one of my friends started a Pinterest group. The focus of the group is to get together once a month are make a craft project that was inspired by something pinned on Pinterest. As a bonus, we each bring a recipe made that was inspired by Pinerest to share for lunch.

Last week we meet for our most recent Pinterest group and made burlap and fabric flowers for a wreath.

I don't have the source for our inspiration since it was my friend to organize this, but I am grateful for the inspiration because I'm pretty happy with my finished wreath.

This grapevine wreath has been sitting undecorated in my craft room closet for at least a year, so I was happy to pull it out and pretty it up.

The project was pretty easy, although it did take some time to roll the flowers. We cut 1 inch strips of fabric, tied a knot on one end of the fabric for the flower center and the rolled and hot glued the fabric to small felt circles. Once the flower was to the size I wanted, I would just trim of the rest of the strip and glue the end piece to the back of the flower.

Once a bunch of flowers were made, I cut out a few burlap leaves and arranged and hot glued everything to the wreath.

The wreath seemed a little small to hang on our front door, but then the idea struck that it could be hung in the center of a mirror in our dining room. The wreath has a piece of twine tied to the top of it and I just stuck the twine behind the mirror, leaned the mirror back against the wall and luckily it held the wreath.

I get to thank my talented dessert baker sister, Michelle, for the dessert I took to share at Pinterest group. The night before the group, Max called my sister up (after asking me) to see if she wanted to come over and make blondies or brownies with him.  Much to his delight, she came over to bake with him.

Once she was here, we came up with the idea of making both blondies and brownies together. 

The bottom layer of the 9 X 13 inch pan is this blondie recipe. The recipe was followed pretty closely with the exception of using salted butter and a full bag of butterscotch chips.

The top layer is a brownie mix. I'm not big on mixes for desserts, but brownies seem to turn out well with a mix or from scratch. The brownie mix was spread all the way across the Blondies, but the Blondie raised quite a bit more than the brownies, so it made a perfectly crisp Blondie crust.

The result was delicious and I'm sure we will make it again. Although it wasn't an idea found on Pinterest, no one at the group seemed to care.


  1. That wreath is AMAZING!! WOW!! I loveeeeeeeeee those flowers!! And that dessert... YUM!!

  2. I adore that wreath! I was just trying to think of what I could do with a bunch of burlap that I have! Thanks for the idea! I am pinning your wreath!

  3. BEAUTIFUL wreath and nummy treat!

  4. Gorgeous wreath! Blondies are my favorite and it looks like adding brownies only makes them even better!



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