Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project Life: September 9 - 15

We had lots of normal life going on the week of September 9. Carpools, grocery shopping, work, birthday parties and baby shower and time with friends. What more could we ask for?

There weren't a lot of photos taken this week, but space was filled with receipts and a party invite. It's sometimes nice when there are not a lot of photos because it forces me to dig around and find some bits and pieces of things to include. I think these extra things may be just a fun to look back at as the pictures.

Gymnastics Show /// Enchilada Dinner /// Choir Carpool /// Together with Friends at a Baby Shower

Bedtime Stories /// Audrey's Hair Braiding /// Soccer /// Girls Night at Thai Dressing

Thanks for the visit today!


  1. Loving all your catch up posts of project life--I just need to photograph mine!!

  2. I am LOVING the bright, bold colors on these pages!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!



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