Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's Back to School Time!

Our kids are now wrapping up their third week of school. It feels great to be settling into our new routine. Because of our move earlier this year, our kids are all at new schools. The homework is so much less at these schools and everyone (including me) is happy about that. They now have more time to practice the piano!

We had a bit of a rough start to the school year with Audrey coming down with a staph infection and being quite sick for a couple of days and missing school. Thanks to antibiotic shots at the doctor and antibiotic pills for 10 days, she is back up to full speed and loving 8th grade.

This week on the Glitz Designs blog we are sharing ideas for using Glitz products for a back to school themed project. This was the perfect opportunity to use the back to school photos from this new school year.

I love the big "The Adventure Begins" piece from the Glitz Color Me Happy Bits and Pieces paper. It seemed like the perfect title for a new school year at a new school.

A huge new box of Glitz Designs good have arrived, so this will be my last page with the Color Me Happy line. I've used up every last piece of paper and have loved using the bright and cheerful colors on so many of my pages.

My pink typewriter came in handy on the journaling.  Love it and I need to remember to use it more often!

Layout Supplies
Glitz Designs "Color Me Happy" Patterned Paper: Bits & Pieces, Chalkboard
Glitz Designs "Color Me Happy" 6 X 6 Paper Pad
Glitz Designs "Wild and Free" Giant Roller Doodle Plus
Glitz Designs "Finnley" Triangle Washi Tape
Glitz Designs "Color Me Happy" Rainbow Washi Tape
Glitz Designs "Color Me Happy" Rainbow Alpha


  1. "The adventure begins" tag is PERFECT for a back to school lo! I loveeeeeeeeeeee this! And so happy she is feeling better!!!

  2. SO glad that ms. Audrey is okay--SCARY! GREAT page Lisa!!



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